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Web Modules

Here are just some of the many things we can incorporate into your new bespoke website. All web modules can easily be changed by the website administrator.

1 Contact Form

A contact form is a basic requirement of any professional website. We will create the form to suit the website design.

Contact Us

We can design eye catching contact forms linked to your new email address (e.g [email protected]). We can add any background and colours can be changed to suit your requirements.

3 + 9 =

2Meet The Team

This is a great module that uses jQuery hover and slide effects. It can be added to any of our websites to showcase your staff’s talent.

Hannah Davies


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Jim Noble


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Eleanor Fisk

Finance Director

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Rob Gregson

HR Director

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3Blurb Modules

Our blurb modules let you show information with an image or icon on both sides of a tile. They can have numerous hover effects.

Blurb 1

Mouse Over to Spin

Any info, image or icon on the back.

Blurb 2

Hover to spin.
Add a link to back.

Blurb 3

Vertical Spin

Any background colour or pattern.

Blurb 4

Address on one side.
Map on the other!

Giant Pixels Web Design

4Image Gallery

This is just one of many ways in which we can display your images within a gallery module. This has a nice CSS hover effect which when clicked, opens up in a lightbox. It also shows images in a random order each time the page is refreshed. The gallery looks great on desktop, tablet or mobile.