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Pre-made websites from only £299!

Not everyone’s budget or requirements stretch to a fully bespoke website. That’s where our specifically designed, pre-made websites or layout packs are used. We will replace all logos, images and content with any you supply and accent colours or whole palettes can be changed to match your requirements. The layout will remain the same and extra pages can be added at a reasonable price. All pre-made websites are priced individually and include the freebies associated with any bespoke website we create. All websites are built on the ever popular WordPress framework which provides the owner with a back end admin portal with an easy to use content management system.

We will be creating more layouts in the coming months but if you can’t wait, we can create fully custom built websites from £699.

Local Business Website

This local business website layout, although designed for a welding business can be repurposed for almost any local service including joiners, plumbers, aerial installers and decorators. We can source free to use, high quality photographs for most...

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Accountants Website

Accountants Website Layout Green Leaf is a pre-made accountants website layout designed specifically for accounting or bookkeeping businesses although it could be used for many others. If required, all images are licenced under the creative commons zero...

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Fresh Produce Website

Fresh Produce Website Layout This layout has been designed for anyone wanting a fresh produce website to showcase farmer's markets or other events where fresh produce is the main commodity although it could be repurposed for any business. If required, all...

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Fitness Website

Fitness Website Layout Our Alice Jane layout is a great design for any fitness website required by instructors, gym  owners or sports centres yet we could easily use it for any business. It is perfectly responsive, so will look good on any device,...

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